Repair Process

Cookeville Collision Center Repair process

Step 1 – Estimate: At Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center the first step is to thoroughly examine your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage. Computerized diagnostic equipment provides an accurate assessment and estimate. Right after we provide the quote, the required parts be ordered and we can begin the repairs immediately. If the work is extensive and will take a significant amount of time, we will be happy to help with a rental car.

Step 2 – Insurance Approval:  You have enough to think about in situations like this so let Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center deal with the insurance companies. We negotiate cost, oversee all aspects of the process and make sure the proper components are ordered. We don’t cut corners or costs when it comes to your vehicle and your safety. Unless your vehicle is determined a total loss, Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center will start the repairs right away.

Step 3 – Disassembly: The process starts with the careful removal of all the affected sections of your vehicle. This often results in the discovery of previously unseen damage. Of course this could possibly require us to adjust our damage assessment and cost estimate. Under these circumstances the insurance company may insist on performing another inspection and additional parts might be required.

Step 4 – Order Parts: We carry an extensive inventory of parts and accessories. However, if we don’t have the necessary components our dedicated parts acquisition team will reach out to our nationwide supply network immediately. After we receive all that we need the repair process can begin without delay.

Step 5 – Body Restoration: Depending upon the damage, the restoration process begins at the structural integrity station where the body of your vehicle will be readjusted to manufacturer specifications using our electronic dimensional analyzer which calculates the adjustments down to the micron.

Step 6 – Body Repair: The next stage involves reattaching the exterior panels and refinishing the metal. The sheet metal is placed into position and attached. At this point, the first signs of your vehicle’s restoration become apparent.

Step 7 – Painting: Your vehicle is now ready for the repainting stage so we meticulously prepare it so we can achieve a like-new, fresh from the factory paint job application. At Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center we machine-mix our paint so that the paint color match is exact. The painting process is conducted in our hermetically sealed, air-tight, dust-free down-draft paint booth. This verifies that the coats of paint are applied smoothly and evenly before being baked dry at the necessary temperature.

Step 8 – Reassembly:  Once the paint is dried and passes inspection, it’s time to reassemble your vehicle. After reassembly, our inspectors conduct a thorough examination of your vehicle which includes a road-test to assess the appearance and function of your vehicles.

Step 9 – Detailing: Once our technicians have finished the body work and restoration process, our vehicle appearance enhancement specialists give your vehicle a thorough detailing. After our experts are done, you’ll have a hard time believing your vehicle was ever damaged.

Step 10 – Delivery: Once your vehicle is ready to be turned back over to you, we are happy to deliver it to your home or place of work. All that’s left is to review a few documents and return your rental and then you are done.

Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center is the dealer recommended destination for collision repair in the metro-Paulding and the premier auto body shop for Hartsville, Pleasant Hill, Rock Island, Grimsley and all communities in the area.