Craig Schelin

Craig Schelin, Parts Manager

704-552-6500 Ext:1211

Craig has been working in the automotive business for more than 30 years, more than half of those years with the BMW brand. As a BMW Certified Master Parts Manager, it is Craig’s job to be knowledgeable about the brand, be a leader to those who work with him, and ensure that you have an all around enjoyable experience when you bring your BMW in for service. “I enjoy leading a team of parts professionals, dedicated to providing the highest levels of accuracy and customer satisfaction. It is my goal to offer unmatched service to all of our customers,” says Craig. “Customer satisfaction is the art of doing what is necessary to leave a positive impression on our clients. Even if we make an occasional mistake, the steps we take to resolve the problem defines who we are.”

Doug DeSalvo

Doug DeSalvo, Wholesale Parts Manager

704-552-6500 Ext:1237

If you are with a collision repair shop in North Carolina, South Carolina or even Southern Virginia, Doug is the man to call for your Genuine BMW collision parts needs. Doug has been in the Automotive Business for over 17 years and is a BMW Certified Master Parts Professional. He has been with BMW of Freeport, NY since August, 2010. “Customer satisfaction means going the extra mile to ensure every customer is treated above and beyond their expectations,” explains Doug.

Eric Cook

Eric Cook – BMW Master Parts Specialist

Eric has been in the Automotive Business for over 28 years. He’s been with the BMW brand since 1987 and of course has earned his place as a BMW Certified Master Parts Professional. Eric’s substantial experience with BMW means he will take the time to make sure you are getting the right part the first time. “Taking care of the customer is the most important part of our job,” says Eric. “Without our customers we don’t exist, so I will always do what is necessary to exceed their expectations.”

Dustin Thompson

Dustin Thompson, BMW Master Parts Specialist

704-552-6500 Ext:1238

Dustin Knows his BMWs…. which means he knows yours as well. With over 14 years in the Automotive Business, Dustin has devoted most of his time to the BMW brand, and came to BMW of Freeport, NY in October, 2009. With so much time spent around BMWs, it’s no stretch to believe that Dustin is a BMW Certified Master Parts Professional. “I like being able to use my extensive knowledge of the BMW product to help people find exactly what they need,” explains Dustin. But all that pride hasn’t gone to his head. Dustin knows that pleasing the customer is the most important part of the job. “Customer satisfaction means doing anything and everything in my power to make sure the customer is happy,” says Dustin.