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The Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center recommend that customers choose original equipment manufacturer parts for their vehicles. It is well-known and widely accepted that factory issued and approved parts offer the highest quality and total compatibility with the other components of that particular system in the vehicle. Parts of lesser quality can adversely affect the performance of your vehicle and even cause potential safety concerns. One essential consideration when choosing OEM parts, is that most of them come with both a guarantee and warranty. If you choose to use parts from an alternative source, the level of quality control is difficult to monitor and could result in serious mechanical and safety concerns.

Our customers’ satisfaction, security and safety is of paramount concern at the Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center. That’s why we use only original equipment manufacturer parts and accessories. When you choose the Nissan of Cookeville Collision Center you’ve made the best choice for keeping your vehicle in like new condition and everyone who rides in it safe.